Cosmic Horror vs. Holy Terror: Christians Can Find Value and Meaning in Scary Movies

The nights are getting longer, darker, and colder these days, making it the perfect time to pull out your favorite horror novel or scary movie and get the heebie-jeebies before bedtime. Probably not, though, if you're a Christian. I would suspect that the "horror" genre is one of the most unpopular genres -- literary, cinematic, or otherwise -- for Christians, and understandably so. Many entries in the genre seem to do little else but revel in cruelty, sadism, and gore, e.g., the recent wave of … [Read more...]

The Moviegoer: "Prometheus" Confounds

Each week in The Moviegoer, Nick Olson examines new and upcoming films.In one of Prometheus's (Dir. Ridley Scott) early scenes, a flashback reveals some helpful insight into who Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) is and what motivates her expeditionary belief. The film's crucifix-wearing central protagonist has been troubled by death and suffering since an early age. In the flashback, she earnestly asks her father, "Where do people go when they die?" And the scene works as a fine complement t … [Read more...]