Christian Responses to Gay Marriage: CaPC Thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage

Over the years, CaPC has written about the issue of gay marriage in a number of ways. This is not a simple or easy issue for anyone to deal with, although at times we all feel it to be.The following is a list of the top posts we've written on same-sex marriage, starting with the overturning of Proposition 8 in California courts in 2012 to Rob Bell's recent comments.Read, consider, pray, and share. Is There a Better Way Than Proposition 8? Restoring marriage will take much … [Read more...]

A Marriage Ink Blot

As the Supreme Court prepares to here DOMA and Prop 8 challenges this March, we should all reflect on the central question of the debate: What is marriage? I take the inquiry from the title of an article and a book by three great scholars, one of whom I have the pleasure of knowing personally.So consider this as a kind of teaser.The law of contracts requires parties to meet a high capacity requirement, attempting to secure a fair playing field for free private agreements. For instance, … [Read more...]

Should We Feel Great About Proposition 8?

California's Proposition 8, a ballot initiative making same-sex marriages illegal, just nicked by in November. I'm pretty sure that outcome, and everything that flows from it - starting with this week's filing in federal court - is going to lead a lot of Christians to regret what they engaged in during the campaign.Last fall I was of the mind that Christians in California needed to be politically engaged, but abstain from the Proposition 8 vote. I read (and heard) plenty of arguments on either … [Read more...]