Proverbs for Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs

I've been working through the Proverbs with my college students this summer and our pursuit of wisdom this last week led us to a discussion of how we use our words. As a practical matter, the sages had plenty to say about our language: when to keep quiet, speak up, address authority, and dozens of other observations about our everyday use of language.Looking at it theologically, this shouldn't surprise us. The doctrine of creation teaches us that we are made in the Image of a God who speaks … [Read more...]

Mad at Mark Driscoll? Blame Solomon.

According to the Bible, King Solomon, the son of David, was one of, if not the, wisest men, apart from Jesus, who ever lived. (1 Kings 4:30) He's got a few books of the Bible traditionally ascribed to him (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon), and even Jesus said he was a wise fellow. (Matthew 12:42) Which is why I found a couple of off-hand comments about him by evangelical writers Mary DeMuth and Matthew Paul Turner surprising and bit off-putting. What am I talking about? Mad at Mark? … [Read more...]