The Science Behind Effectively Sharing Your Faith

You probably saw a BuzzFeed article by Ashley Perez alarmingly titled "8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries" pop up recently in your Facebook or Twitter feed. You may even have shared it yourself. If you haven't seen the article, it lists several items (artificial food dye, olestra, synthetic growth hormones, arsenic) that are commonplace in American foods, and that have been linked to numerous negative side-effects (cancer, nerve-cell deterioration, birth defects, leaky … [Read more...]

Can A Psychopath’s Brain Teach Us Anything About Justice?

Let's say you read about a man who had broken into an apartment and, upon being surprised by a young woman living there, proceeded to rape her and then stab her to death. What should happen to him? I doubt anyone would say that he doesn't deserve the full extent of the law -- if not the death penalty, then at least a life sentence in the harshest, most secure prison available to prevent him from ever hurting another soul.But what if you found out that this same man had grown up in a terrible … [Read more...]

Dan's Real Life is A Lie

One strange cultural passion is getting advice.  This is not the same as taking advice, mind you.  As a culture we seem to love to be told, “the right thing,” or, “what I should do,” even if we don’t generally follow through.  The success of Oprah is a great example, but despite her massive empire she is just the tip of the iceberg.    Thousands of radio shows, newspapers, and websites hire people whose ENTIRE job is to give others advice on how to live.  When we watch a movie like Dan in Real Li … [Read more...]