ELSEWHERE: Chicken-Little Blogging

Following up on Rachel Held Evans' popular piece on why millenials are leaving the church, over at Mere Orthodoxy, Jake Meador speaks to another trend: the rise of the "chicken-little" evangelical blogger, prognosticating the doom of the church. It's an interesting counter-point worth considering, especially if you found your heart aflutter with fear for the church's imminent demise. … [Read more...]

The Church Failed Millennials, Just Not In the Way You Think It Did

If you hadn't already heard, millennials are leaving the church in droves leaving many church leaders scratching their heads as to what to do about it. Rachel Held Evans came out with a piece on CNN.com stepping into the gap to explain why they are leaving Apparently it struck a nerve; it was shared over 170,000 times. Speaking as the voice of a generation, she raised issues like our exhaustion with the culture wars, poor handling of teaching on sexuality, gay marriage, science and religion, and … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: What Do Peter And Cornelius Really Tell Us About Gay Marriage?

Last week, Rachel Held Evans posted a piece on CNN about religious convictions, especially related to gay marriage, that used the Biblical story of the apostle Peter and the Roman centurion Cornelius as an example of how to be inclusive. Our very own Derek Rishmawy has posted a response on Mere Orthodoxy that, while appreciative of Evans' overall point, nevertheless pushes back against Evans' exegesis of that particular Biblical story. … [Read more...]

The Hermeneutic Failure that Is Making Leprosy Hard to Kill

It is safe to say that when most people think of the biblical commands to love our neighbors and serve the poor, lepers are not  prioritized on the agenda. However, there are still almost a quarter of a million people worldwide suffering from leprosy. The Atlantic recently put out a small and informative overview of the history and eradication of leprosy. Yet, in many parts of the world, there is significant hold up in the elimination of the disease. [Leprosy’s] biblical and historic as … [Read more...]