“Hole in the World”: A Musical Entry Point into the Gates of Heaven

I don’t quite know how to explain it any other way, but Daniel Amos’ “Hole in the World” feels like a song that I've always known. The first time I heard it via a battered cassette copy of MotorCycle, I was absolutely convinced I’d heard it before, though I couldn't quite put a finger on when and where. As such, the song has always been a haunting listen for me, which strikes me as rather appropriate given its lyrics about the end of the world, the afterlife, and one’s first tentative experiences … [Read more...]

What can we learn from the Rapture that wasn't?

May 21, 2011 -- the date that Harold Camping predicted would be Judgment Day -- came and went with none of the fanfare that Camping and his followers were expecting, i.e., the kind that might announce the return of Jesus Christ. The day, however, was full of a different kind of fanfare as the the "non-believers" reacted to Camping's predictions with a range of opinions, much of it of the disparaging variety. Of course, the issue isn't completely settled -- Camping made a secondary prediction … [Read more...]