Snapchat and the Ghost of Communication

When I began inviting friends to join me on Snapchat¬†a few weeks ago, most of them had no idea what I was talking about. Despite the fact that almost every teenager I talk to has a Snapchat account, a good portion of the adults I know don't know what it is. (The only exceptions were those in education. Invariably, my teacher friends already had accounts.) So the first reaction I got to Snapchat invitations was mostly "What is that?" The second most frequent response I got was "Wait... isn't that … [Read more...]

Before Midnight Hits Home: A Married Couple Discusses The Film

In the spirit of Richard Linklater's "Before" films, each of which follows Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy) through a few hours of intense discussions about work, love, and the meaning of life, my husband and I decided to review the newest film, Before Midnight, via e-mail. ¬†Spoilers ahead!Are Jesse and Celine that German Couple Now? Dear Jack, Do you remember that very first scene in Before Sunrise? Jesse and Celine haven't met yet, but they're on the same train heading to … [Read more...]

Men Like to Look At Naked Girls On The Internet. Here’s Why They Should Stop That.

I had a bit of a personal crisis when I saw this link from The Huffington Post titled, "Research Suggests that All Men Watch Pornography." My first thought was that they could not have possibly talked to all men. I know this, because I do not watch pornography. This made me suspicious that the link was tied to a pornographic Web site designed to trick me, the last man standing, into accidentally seeing pornography in order to validate their research. (Or, more disturbingly, it could be that I am … [Read more...]