Paul Ryan: The Man With A Plan

Washington DC has a lot of silly “debate” lines that it uses to provide sound bites that don’t really say much of anything. For example:“I’m sorry if I offended anybody.” (Used to apologize for incredibly bad behavior) “My personal life is my business”  (Used to deflect significant propriety questions) “We have more questions that need to be answered.” (Used to keep a minor issue alive to encourage the public perception that the other side is hiding something) “They are playing party politi … [Read more...]

Looking Forward: Politics in 2009

Many Christians remain on the defensive in response to the culture around them, pointing out dangers and condemning anything that makes us uncomfortable. We find warning and condemnation to be a valid position, but not a valid default position. In order to demonstrate an alternative, we thought we’d demonstrate what it’s like to give popular culture the benefit of the doubt.All this week, the writers at Christ and Pop Culture will be playing the role of evangelist for some of the things we’re mos … [Read more...]