I Won’t Fear the Marathon

It was early January when I decided to take a risk and register for my first marathon. It's this weekend, April 27. It's happening in the city that's been my home for almost two years now, Louisville, Kentucky. It's been a long and cold winter with hundreds of miles run. Training for this race has looked like a part-time job with five runs a week, averaging an hour each day; there's been a mid-week long run plus a weekend run upwards of 12–18 miles. The longest distance my plan had me tackle was … [Read more...]

Mo Farah Responds with Grace to Awkward Interview

Distance-running phenom Mo Farah—the Brit who just won double Gold (5,000M / 10,000M) at the 2012 London Games—has likely run countless races and been interviewed countless times over the course of his career. I’m guessing that eventually the post-race interview gets to be rather typical. Even routine.But the interview he experienced this past weekend after winning the half marathon in the New Orleans Rock 'n' Roll Marathon series was anything but typical or routine.After clocking a new c … [Read more...]

Why I Run

Oprah’s influence upon our society is evident. Because of her, we eat more sweet potatoes. We have Dr. Phil. And we run.Yes, run.According to an article posted on NOLA.com (a New Orleans, Louisiana, news site), Oprah’s 1994 marathon finish made long-distance running “accessible” to the person who valued fitness but not necessarily competition. Since then, long-distance racing has increased exponentially.I’m one of those noncompetitive fitness runners.My history with running goes way back … [Read more...]