The Minority Report: Balancing Sex Education

When many Christians hear stories like that of Bedford-Stuyvesant Preparatory High School which had planned to hand out condoms at their high school prom, there seems to be a tremendous temptation to overreact. We get this picture in our head of school administrators forcing condoms in the hands of unsuspecting young people with the purpose of enabling them to have sex freely. We live in a sex saturated culture and we hear stories like this and we feel that our schools must be willfully … [Read more...]

Elsewhere: The Fashion of OWS, Social Justice, Halloween, Sex Ed, and Traffic

Every week, our writers will be sharing some of their favorite finds from around the internet. Check back every week for great articles, insane news items, and interesting diversions.DrewRelevant published two rather different but interesting articles on Occupy Wall Streetrecently. One by Brett McCracken and another by Sarah Bessey.The Fashion of Occupy Wall Street.Albert Mohler and Jim Wallis debated last night on whether social justice is the mission of the church. If the debate is not … [Read more...]