ELSEWHERE: More Evidence Of The Military’s Sexual Assault Problem

Sexual assault is a significant problem within our military, as Lauren Rambo discussed earlier this year. And two recent events serve only as reminders of just how big the problem is. Wired recently acquired a copy of an Air Force brochure on sexual assault that states that, in some cases, it's better to submit to the attacker. And earlier this week, the Air Force's chief of sexual prevention was arrested and charged with sexual battery. The Pentagon estimates that 26,000 cases of sexual assault … [Read more...]

Unplanned Pregnancies in the Military on the Rise

The epidemic of sexual assault on women in the military has far-reaching effects beyond just harming the victim. It damages the military's reputation, discourages potential female recruits from joining, and creates an atmosphere of hostility and repression. Perhaps the most conflicted consequence of sexual assault is the potential for unwanted pregnancies.In CNN's article on a recent study, authors Dr. Daniel Grossman and Kate Grindlay note that the 11% unplanned pregnancy rate in the … [Read more...]

This Should Go Without Saying: Stop Blaming Rape on Women

A culture that accepts or excuses rape even a little is simply not acceptable. It's more prevalent than you think. TRIGGER WARNING This article, and pages it links to, contain information about sexual assault and/or violence which may be triggering to survivors.Many years ago, I had a professor of mine and his wife over for dinner. He was a visiting theology professor from South Africa and our conversation focused on the ministry challenges there. I was shocked to learn that there were … [Read more...]

If I were Justin Bieber, I’d Press Charges against Jenny McCarthy

I know that's easy for me to say given that I am neither famous nor particularly attractive, and the likelihood of Jenny McCarthy sexually harassing me is slim to none, but I do think the mild reaction to McCarthy grabbing Justin Bieber's bottom did not fit the crime. In case you missed it, Jenny McCarthy presented Bieber with the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album two weeks ago at the American Music Awards, and as Bieber  turned his back on McCarthy to face the audience, she grabbed him, p … [Read more...]