Play in Process: Is Ms. Splosion Man Sexist?

Each week in Play in Process, Richard Clark shares what he’s been playing and why it matters.Ms. Splosion Man is a silly game - no one would argue otherwise. It stars a personified explosive substance, and in this case, that personification wears a bow. She likes shoes, shallow pop songs, and thinks everyone and everything is "cute". She is, without being an actual woman, the stereotypical woman, for better or for worse.According to Joshua Wise Michael Elliot at The Cross and The Controller, … [Read more...]

Splosion Man's Twisted Vision

TwistedPixel, a small independent game studio has recently hit the big time by becoming the debut Xbox Live Arcade downloadable title available in Microsoft's second annual Summer of Arcade. The game has become a relative hit simply by providing a solid platform experience along with a glut of content: 50 single player levels, 50 separate multi-player levels, and free unlockable gamer pics, theme, and avatar accessories (to be available with an update once the new Xbox dashboard is … [Read more...]