The Holy Huddle: Sports Figures, The Hunger Games, and Sociological Terminology

Each week in The Holy Huddle, Doug Hankins takes a look at the goings on of the sports world from a distinctly Christian perspective. As with any job, being a professional sports athlete requires a separation between personal and professional perspectives. Failing to do so, results in the professional side suffering due to personal troubles. In the past month, the sports world has tuned in to a soap opera of professional/personal balance that centers on the statements of three actors.Metta Wo … [Read more...]

Sports Violence and the Temple of God

On March 2, 2012 the NFL announced the findings of an investigation into the "bounty system" operated by, then New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams.  Since 2009, Mr. Williams operated a program of pay-for-pain wherein defensive players were given bonuses for intentionally hurting opposing players.  In the process of indefinitely suspending Mr. Williams, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also suspended the New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton without pay for the entire 2012 s … [Read more...]

Sports and Slurs

Sports have often been used as a kind of educational tool. This is one reason people share a fanatical bond with their favorite sport. For many, a game, season, or team remains forever branded in their memory because of the lessons learned and experiences derived from it. Sports can instruct in discipline, work ethic, teamwork, and submission to authority.Recently the NBA decided to use an ad to take on a controversial subject matter: the bullying of homosexuals. In the ad the NBA focused … [Read more...]

The Relativity of Soccer Strategy

Strategy or poor taste? Our Italian friends find a way to accomplish both. Be sure to note the relativisitic tone of the participants! Here are the real questions; First, did anyone injure a knee in the process? And second, can David Dunham really give us insight into the mentality of a sport that encourages this sort of thing? … [Read more...]

TGFF: Thank God for "Friday Night Lights"

In 1988, H.G. “Buzz” Bissinger had just received a Pulitzer Prize for journalism.  He was interested in small town sports, and so moved to Odessa, Texas, for a year-long sabbatical.  Here, at one of the most storied high school football programs in the country, he examined the lives, pressures, tensions, hopes, and dreams of the 1988 Odessa Panthers.  The resulting book, Friday Night Lights, has been hailed by Sports Illustrated as fourth on the list of the greatest sports books of all time, and … [Read more...]