Science Can Both Solve and Add to Our Moral Conundrums

Ah, good ol' science... With it, we make incredible advances that aid and benefit our lives immeasurably even as we wander into one moral quagmire after another. We increase our understanding of the world around us even as we are tempted to play God in ways that ought to make us shudder. Two recent articles serve as a perfect showcase for that particular dichotomy.First, the good: 2013 could be the year that the¬†stem cell controversy¬†goes away. Though stem cell research has been touted by m … [Read more...]

Stem Cells, False Dilemmas, Straw Men, and Bandwagons

On March 9, 2009, President Obama signed an executive order allowing government funding for new lines of Embryonic Stem-Cell Research. In doing so, he reversed President Bush's policy. That policy allowed current lines of research to continue while denying any government funding involving the destruction of new embryos. Many of us did then and continue now to see such destruction as the taking of human life. Our President then painted a hopeful picture for the research. He spoke to its … [Read more...]