The Fish-Eat-Fish World of CBS’s “Under the Dome”

Third fisherman: Master, I marvel how the fishes live in the sea.First fisherman: Why, as men do aland: the great ones eat up the little ones. William Shakespeare, Pericles 2.1.27-29When I'm teaching ancient literature, one of the most frequently repeated patterns I encounter is the love of law and civilization.  Whether it be in a mythical work like Gilgamesh, a legal text like the Law Code of Hammurabi, or a religious text like the Bible itself, one need not look far to find praise of … [Read more...]

What Stephen King Loves About Church

“A revival!” My wife pointed out the window. There was a bulky white tent in a field surrounded by large signs inviting people to come see the magnificent “Dr. Reverend” so and so. My wife and I, both from the West, were passing through the Smoky Mountains of east Tennessee, and she had just finished explaining a documentary she watched about Appalachian peoples who attack unwanted visitors and feed their babies Mountain Dew. I locked the doors.Revivals have been a large part of American reli … [Read more...]