Can Beyoncé Move Beyond Her Bodysuits?

Anyone who was surprised to see Beyoncé in a bodysuit for her Super Bowl performance is clearly not that familiar with Beyoncé. For the past five years, she has worn them for nearly every performance. Her Super Bowl leather bodysuit was designed by little-known Rubin Singer who used iguana and python inset with lace to construct his creation, which was inspired by the mythical valkyrie.At first glance, I thought it seemed a bit like couture S&M wear, which I suppose could very literally c … [Read more...]

According to Andrew O’Hehir, Football Is in a Well-Deserved ‘Death Spiral’

As I write this, countless Americans are preparing to get together with friends and family to watch the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers square off against each other in Super Bowl XLVII. The Super Bowl is arguably America's biggest sporting event, but it's also the biggest marketing day of the year, as advertisers reveal multi-million dollar commercials during the game's primetime hours. Hollywood gets in on the action too and uses the game to air teasers and trailers for the year's bi … [Read more...]