Obamacare, Citizenship, and Neighbor Care

As debate over the upheld Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) remains intense, I’d like to enter the fray by focusing on the individual mandate and the terms associated with the cost levied at those who opt not to purchase health insurance.Two key words—tax and penalty—are primarily used to describe this cost, and the most intense debate I’ve heard has been over which of the two the levied cost is. There’s actually a third term for the cost, which is unfortunately and all-too-often neglecte … [Read more...]

Obamacare, the Supreme Court, and the Darkness of Hearts

In the future, we will look at March 27, 2012 as a pivotal moment in our country’s healthcare debate. The Supreme Court listened to arguments on the individual mandate and to be frank, Obama is going to want this one back. Most experts felt confirmation of the mandate was all but certain. Now, though, it hangs more precariously than ever before.But the debate is interesting for more than discussion of a legal precedent. It forces us to face questions about who we are as citizens, as moral a … [Read more...]