On the Other Hand: Tattoo Removal and Memory

Each week in On the Other Hand, Ben Bartlett defies the common wisdom and identifies the other side of the story of cultural hot-topic issues.One of the most popular posts we've had here at CAPC was regarding my friend David's tattoos.  The topic draws a lot of attention from Christians, both good and bad, because of how difficult it is to interpret biblical mandates like the command to regard one's body as a temple.One might think that both sides can agree, then, that the rising business of … [Read more...]

What Christians Are Saying About My Tattoos, And How I am Responding

Tattoos have been around since the earliest days of civilization. Though not found among the Jews, body modification was common to numerous other people groups. Among Christians, however, there has not been much of a history of tattooing. When it became a part of western culture in the 18th century, it was largely considered by Christians to be unacceptable and taboo. Today it is an issue that is still debated. As both a Christian and one who has tattoos I hope to show that there is nothing … [Read more...]