The Most Pressing Foreign Policy Issue to be Ignored in Tonight’s Debate

In the next four years, the President of the United States will have to address the growing threat of a Muslim country with a very large population that is hostile to the US, is a safe haven for terrorists, is (probably) fighting a proxy war with us, is the target of regular drone strikes, and already has nuclear weapons.No, this isn't Iran. It's Pakistan. And it's the country both presidential candidates aren't really talking about, even though by some measures it's the greater threat to … [Read more...]

The Death of an Evil Man

I was hoisting my bike up on my shoulder in preparation to climb three flights of stairs. A freshman about to do a “how-to” speech on mountain biking to my Speech 101 class, I was running late. I turned to jog up the stairs and ran into my buddy Dan. Dan: “Hey man. Have you seen the news today?”Me: “No why?”Dan: “Someone flew a plane into the World Trade Center.”Me: “What? One of the twin towers in New York?”Dan: “Yeah, its all over the news, they are trying to evacuate all the people, t … [Read more...]