I Hate Writing About Sex

I hate writing about sex; I want to be over the whole sex conversation in general. Honestly, as interesting a subject as it might be, there is nothing easy, simple, or straightforward about it; it's not the sort of subject I get up and think, "Wow, that would be a great angle for an article to write!" Honestly, I get a pit in my stomach. Culturally-speaking it's a minefield. The amount of shame, hurt, obsession, money, and political-vitriol attached to discussions of sex makes it nearly impo … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: The Road (Much, Much) Less Traveled by the Russian Old Believers

The Old Believers is one of the most fascinating, persecuted sects of Christianity in the past century. Literally chased out of Russia, the Old Believers now live in remote Alaska, having made their way all around the globe looking to preserve their way of life in an ever-changing world. Read this beautifully written article and keep your eyes open for the upcoming documentary on the Old Believers. … [Read more...]

Pride & Gender Roles: Demythologizing Marital Income Disparity

Getting a job in a competitive, capitalist society is a lot like playing dodge ball in grade school- it involves praying you aren’t picked last and getting your buddies who have already made the team to vouch for you. But unlike a game of dodge ball, the career world can affect every aspect of your life indefinitely. So what happens when Christian men, convinced that they need to be the predominant fiscal provider, get out-earned by their wives?There seems to be an innate, archetypal desire i … [Read more...]

The Hermeneutic Failure that Is Making Leprosy Hard to Kill

It is safe to say that when most people think of the biblical commands to love our neighbors and serve the poor, lepers are not  prioritized on the agenda. However, there are still almost a quarter of a million people worldwide suffering from leprosy. The Atlantic recently put out a small and informative overview of the history and eradication of leprosy. Yet, in many parts of the world, there is significant hold up in the elimination of the disease. [Leprosy’s] biblical and historic as … [Read more...]