Reza Aslan’s Grand Inquisitor

Reza Aslan’s new book Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth, pits a "historical" Jesus against the orthodox Christian Jesus that founded Christianity and shaped Western Society. Non-Christians have been writing books that challenge the historical, biblical person of Jesus for millenia. And even though Aslan's Jesus has been getting a lot of press, I am not worried that Aslan is harming orthodox Christianity any more than I'm worried  A-Rod is ruining the entire sport of baseball by lyi … [Read more...]

God and Country Music: Ivan & Alyosha

Each week in God and Country Music, Nick Rynerson gives country music a chance and examines the world of Americana, folk, alt-country, and popular country music.Yesterday, Seattle folk-pop band Ivan & Alyosha released their debut album, All the Times We’ve Had. Now, I’ve got to confess, I am hooked on this band right now so everything I say is in the context of “gushing fan.” However, Ivan & Alyosha have something special to offer the American music scene. And with the rising populari … [Read more...]

Did You Go To Passion 2013? Here’s What Fyodor Dostoyevsky Would Say to You

Passion 2013 wrapped up in Atlanta last week. Passion, the conference to end all conferences for college-aged Christians, was attended by upwards of 60,000 young evangelicals and sends a host of amped up college students back to their campuses with renewed vision, passion and excitement for the gospel of Jesus Christ.However, in this emotional experience, many come home feeling as if they have been immediately called to missionary work in dangerous parts of the world, or called to start some … [Read more...]