The Civil Wars Transform Conflict Into a Captivating Work of Art

Recently, there has been a lot of press about the upcoming album by the mesmerizing duo The Civil Wars. Set to release August 6, The Civil Wars is coming out amidst an indefinite hiatus for the band due to "irreconcilable differences" and tension between Joy and John Paul. The album has been streaming on iTunes this week free, and if you have not had a chance to listen, I would encourage you to pull it up and check it out. It's personal, relatable, and captivating.I saw The Civil Wars in … [Read more...]

The Last Battle of The Civil Wars

Joy Williams and John Paul White are one of the most surprisingly popular bands of the last few years. Undeniably talented songwriters whose sound has an almost Victorian, nostalgic aesthetic, the Civil Wars’ music is heartbreakingly melancholy and romantic. And that sound won them unexpected popularity, Grammys, and critical acclaim.However sad their music might be, no one expected the full-fledged hiatus and tour cancellation following their success due to “irreconcilable differences." But … [Read more...]

Music at Mars Hill: The Civil Wars in Concert at Mars Hill is a weekly column by Luke Larsen that seeks to find God amidst the newest trends in both mainstream music and independent music.I recently got the opportunity to see The Civil Wars in concert up in Portland at the Alladdin Theater and for this week's Music at Mars Hill, I want to take a break from the new music and do a quick concert review. In one sentence, The Civil Wars are the overnight success story of s … [Read more...]