Wise As Serpents, Even On The Daily Show, Especially On The Daily Show

Did you hear about that Evangelical pastor who got skewered on the Daily Show for claiming that Christians are bullied and gays beat up straights? Well, if you haven't already, you should. In fact, you know what, just take a few to watch it:So, there you have it. Dumb Evangelical pastor Matt Slick gets shown up as a silly, bigoted fool for thinking that Christians are persecuted in our country. We're the majority religion with hundreds of thousands of churches, presidents claiming our … [Read more...]

Why Vote When You Can Laugh? The Daily Show and Complacency

That time is again upon us when car, make-up, and insurance commercials are momentarily sidelined to make way for content-less, image-shaping, political advertisements; when millions of bumpers across this great land will be drafted in an attempt to create the illusion that a candidate has wide-spread support (isn't the logic of a bumper sticker, "I think this guy's so worthy of my vote that I'll attach his name to the back of my car. If I'm willing to go that far, you should vote for him … [Read more...]