ELSEWHERE: Doctrine Wonks Must Read Fiction

What I’ve struggled for years to say, crime-novel author J. Mark Bertrand easily proclaims at The Gospel Coalition: that doctrine nerds (this includes us “young, restless Reformed” types) should occasionally forego nonfiction in favor of reading a novel. “Fiction will give you an appreciation of both storytelling and also the depth of human beings that might actually help you pass down your theology to people who aren’t going to sign up for a lifetime of reading Puritan reprints,” Bertrand remark … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Pacific Rim and the Immensity of God

While our own Geoffrey Reiter explored Del Toro's rejection of the apocalypse and love for humanity in Pacific Rim, over at The Gospel Coalition, John Perritt points us to the way Jaegers and Kaiju remind us of the fear of a truly immense Lord:  "No one and no thing deserves fear, for it belongs to the One who has the power to cast us into hell or receive us in heaven. Fear belongs to him and him alone." … [Read more...]