The Kiddy Pool: Remembering ‘The Office’… and Our Vows

Every week in The Kiddy Pool, Erin Newcomb confronts one of many issues that parents must deal with related to popular culture.After a long hiatus, I tuned in for Thursday’s series finale of The Office, having been persuaded by Amy Lepine Peterson’s thoughtful commentary. I started to work backward too, and found myself particularly moved by the “Paper Airplanes” episode scene where Jim embraces Pam and she resists -- at first. She’s frustrated that he’s putting work first again, and he’s … [Read more...]

The Office Ends, But Love Never Fails

I’ll be honest and say, right up front, that I haven’t been a faithful viewer of "The Office"; I binge-watched the first few seasons on DVD six years ago, then kept up via Hulu somewhat sporadically.  If a sitcom goes three weeks without making me laugh, though, I give up on it, and by its fifth or sixth season, "The Office" was recycling jokes like they were paper and plastic.  But after reading Matt Zoller Seitz’s insightful piece on "The Office"’s late recovery, I decided to watch the last do … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Work Stinks.

Work is drudgery.  Each morning I wake and feel pangs of disappointment- I need to do something I hate (wake up) so I can do something I hate even more (go to work).  No incentives, perks, personalities, or overtime pay can obscure my disgust at using such a large portion of my day to add so little value to the world.In no particular order, here are a few random meditations on work (Note: in this article, “work” means those jobs many of us must do merely to pay the bills, having no connection t … [Read more...]

Is There Integrity in the Work Place?

Technology is moving us all faster and faster into a new world. We can now get our job done quicker, more efficiently, and with greater ease. But according to Mark Saltzman, it doesn't have to work in only that direction. Saltzman writes:"Instead of being a slave to technology, you can master it, you can make it look like you are working when and where you are not."Saltzman is 35 and is the author of the White Collar Slackers Handbook. The work is a how-to textbook for deceiving colleagues … [Read more...]