The Oscars: A Plea for Accessibility without Condescension

I watch the Oscars every year, beginning to end. I love the things that bore many to tears: the dresses, the film clips, the self-deprecating humor (when it works), and sometimes even the montages. And yet last night, even though I was tremendously pleased with Slumdog Millionaire’s eight wins, the ceremony felt duller and more narcissistic than usual. Is it the economy?The Academy definitely let its ratings-desperation show. In an acknowledgment that most normal people (i.e., people who do n … [Read more...]

Who Cares About Hollywood?

I imagine a large number of people don't usually care about the Oscars, but those numbers must have increased this year. The nominees have been announced and the season is upon us, and yet this year Oscar the Grouch is probably gaining more attention (though Ben Bartlett would probably say that he always gets more attention). But it's not just the mediocre awards show that is gaining little-to-no applause from fans this year, it seems to me that no one really even cares about Hollywood at all … [Read more...]

Podcast #7: One Incredibly Long and Boring Night

This past Sunday, the world watched as Hollywood commended itself for producing such brilliant television, and at the same time acknowledged that it really doesn't put out brilliant television. So what's the deal? How good is television, really? And what do the winners of the Emmys say about, well, anything?This episode, David and Rich attempt to answer this question, and they also try their hardest to come up with five new Fall television shows they kind of want to watch. It's harder than you … [Read more...]