Music Matters: In Search of 90’s CCM that Doesn’t Suck

Each Tuesday in Music Matters, Matthew Linder explores the intersections of music, culture and faith.A search for Contemporary Christian Music from the 1990's that is aesthetically pleasing and theologically rich.Flavorwire recently provided their list of “In Search of Christian Music that Doesn’t Suck” which includes U2, Sufjan Stevens, Pedro the Lion and Faith + 1 (that's right, a fake band from an episode of South Park). Not to be outdone, I completed my own search but specifi … [Read more...]

Grace Notes: The Prayer Chain, Teen Daze

Grace Notes is a weekly exploration by Jason Morehead of signs of common grace in the music world. We hope to alert you to wonderful music, some of which will be spiritual in nature but all of which will be unique and worthy of your attention. Each week we will share brief reviews of albums worthy of your attention and maybe a video or two.The Prayer ChainIt could be argued that during the early 1990s, The Prayer Chain was the Christian alternative band. I know that for me personally, they — … [Read more...]