Celebrating C. S. Lewis: ‘The Screwtape Letters’

Editor’s Note: November 22, 2013, will mark the fiftieth anniversary of C. S. Lewis’s death. On that day, he will be given a place in Westminster Abbey’s renowned Poet’s Corner. In commemoration of this event, all this week Christ and Pop Culture contributors will be writing about the works by C. S. Lewis that have been most personally significant to them.I sat in a coffee shop with my friend Crystal, in the midst of our bustling university town, and our conversation inevitably turned to fait … [Read more...]

Doctor Who’s Doctrine, Part 7: The Episode I Never Want to See Again

Before the 50-year anniversary of “Doctor Who” on Nov. 23, Christ and Pop Culture is exploring the sci-fi series in Doctor Who’s Doctrine.  Part 1: Mad Man with a Box Part 2: Genre Roots Part 3: Exterminating Evil Part 4: The Trip of a Lifetime Part 5: Music for a Mad Man Part 6: Those Complicated Companions Despite Doctor Who’s greatness, it has one story I’ve seen only once and won’t see again.In the Who-verse, the worst a Dalek can do is exterminate you. If you get caught in a dark … [Read more...]