What is more Shocking: Rob Bell? or How we Communicate?

Is it really shocking to people that Rob Bell's forthcoming book appears to be poised to challenge historic Christian beliefs on the afterlife?  Do we too need to join John Piper in tweeting, "Farewell Rob Bell"?  Are all these Christians who think Bell has come out as a universalist being mean and unfair?  What does the fact that this discussion has blown up to fairly epic proportions on the interwebs say about how we communicate?Well here are some articles to help you navigate these wa … [Read more...]

An Imprecise Theology of Things and Stuff

When the sun bursts into the sky or when a fireworks display proves a stellar imitation, I know it is good and I take it in. When friends invite me over for dinner, I am grateful for the meal and the company. I know these things are good. When someone laughs at a joke I tell or better yet when another person "knows what I am talking about", I pause and savor it. These are life's delicious moments. Indisputably they are to be enjoyed, but they are without monetary expense. If the best things … [Read more...]