Surprise, Your Favorite Band is a Christian Band! Now What?

BuzzFeed recently posted one of their list articles titled "11 Bands You Might Not Realize Are Christian," which, as the title implies, lists several musical outfits whose faith might be a mystery to their fans. Frankly, the entire article strikes me as rather odd. For starters, if we're talking about artists that people apparently had no clue were Christians, then using U2, Sufjan Stevens, and Evanescence as examples doesn't make much sense since anyone with even a passing familiarity would … [Read more...]

Pop Stars, The Israelites & The Necessity of Lament

Some say the blues were originally gospel music that talked about what you couldn't talk about in church. All music that has stemmed from the blues (i.e., most forms of American popular music) has carried on this tradition, giving us musical forms which are particularly well-suited to singing sad songs. Your woman left you? Any blues singer could sing about that — and so can any rock band or hip-hop artist. However, you can be sure the issue will never be addressed in church. As Kanye raps on h … [Read more...]

Why Brian Johnson is Wrong about Bono

According to AC/DC's Brian Johnson, Bono should keep his charitable giving to himself.The raucous rock 'n' roller spoke out against U2's philanthropist front man. Johnson said, "When I was a working man I didn't want to go to a concert for [someone] to talk down to me that I should be thinking of some kid in Africa." We're all familiar with the argument. Seeing a friend throw a plate of food away I once channeled finger-wagging moms everywhere and chided him, "think of the poor, starving … [Read more...]

A Hymn to U2's "The Magnificent"

I should begin this review with a disclaimer. In 1998 I bought my first U2 record, the ill-fated Pop album. In spite of its critical drubbing and mediocre sales, I came to love it, quickly buying up any other U2 album I could afford. Since then my love for this band has only increased.With that autobiographical note said, what do I make of their new album, No Line on the Horizon? Quite simply, it is the strongest set of songs the band has released in nearly two decades. Sure, the record is … [Read more...]