Dear Driscoll, MMA is not a Measure of Manhood — Jesus is

I am a man. I present this to you, not as a declaration that I am a "manly" man, but as a straightforward fact. It's a difficult thing to talk about, not because I feel awkward about my gender, but because that simple declaration comes with a lot of baggage. When I say "I am a man," a truckload of ideas will pop into your head as to what I mean by that, and your response will vary depending upon your experience.I want to talk just a bit here about being a man, and I hope you will patiently … [Read more...]

Did Brock Lesnar Ruin the UFC for Me?

Hands down Brock Lesnar might be one of the most intimidating dudes on the planet! The 6' 3'', 265 lb Mixed Martial Arts fighter is a monster in the ring. His defeat of Frank Mir - a UFC fighter he originally lost to in his first ever UFC appearance - proved just how powerful a fighter he is. But it was his antics after the fight last Saturday that were even more disturbing.The UFC has had a long battle to earn its place as a recognized and semi-credible sport. Originally it was billed as a … [Read more...]

UFC: Barbaric or Manly?

It was controversial when it first arrived on the scene back in 1993. John McCain spoke out vehemently against Ultimate Fighting, calling it “human cockfighting.” The sport was pushed into the main-stream under the flag of violence, the original producers behind the sport believing that its violence was its most attractive feature. Since Dana White took over, however, the sport has developed rules and caters more toward the technical side of the sport.Of course, no matter how you pitch it you c … [Read more...]