The Right Side of History? A Christian Votes Obama & Thanks President Bush

Well, I voted. There are all kinds of good things about casting my vote today:I added my contribution to the political process. Lines were short. NO MORE POORLY WRITTEN POLITICAL ADS. No more abuse for my unorthodox political perspectives. One less thing for which to be called an argumentative person. Almost all my political predictions are going to come true (I thought Guiliani would do better, but otherwise I nailed most of them).But that said, I did it with a bit of wistfulness. I … [Read more...]

What Do We Truly Like About American Idol?

What do we like about American Idol?  I struggle to answer this, because the responses are quite varied.  David Dunham and my high school students enjoy Simon tearing down (sorry: constructively criticising in a British sort of way) hopeless hopefuls.  Rich likes awkward silences.  My wife likes beautiful voices.  Apparently, America likes sob stories and youth.  Me?  I like watching the Detroit Tigers on a different channel.But as far as I can tell, enjoyment of American Idol tends to stem fro … [Read more...]


Voting for Obama? … [Read more...]