Yet Another Reason to Love Trader Joe’s

I count it as one of the great blessings in my life that I live right down the street from a Trader Joe’s. I love the quirky store’s combination of healthy and organic foods at reasonable prices, its unique global fare, and the plethora of convenience foods that help with the daily grind of figuring out what to feed my family for dinner. Over the past seven years that I've lived in my neighborhood, I have also become familiar with a good number of the “crewmembers” who work there, and I have neve … [Read more...]

Changes at Yahoo Show Who Works for Perks

Drastic changes by Yahoo CEO Melissa Mayer have received a lot of attention in the past week or so. After reviewing the numbers, Mayer found that off-site work productivity was dismal. She decided, for the company’s health, to remove the telecommuting option -- for the time being, at least. Yahoo employees must now work in the office, together. Mayer hopes the collaboration and focus will push Yahoo to a more stable future.Some have voiced approval, including Anne-Marie Slaughter, who wrote i … [Read more...]

Taking Sunday’s Grace to Monday’s Vocation

As a professor, I am constantly assessing how well my students grasp the concepts of my class; the primary way this is accomplished in academia is through testing. Sure we might not call it an exam but this is indeed what every assignment is. The whole system is based on achievement for my students. If you complete the assignment, do it well, and turn it in on time, you will get a good grade. But if you don't complete the assignment, do it poorly, or turn it in late, then you will fail. It's a s … [Read more...]

5 Reasons We Work

Was I exaggerating in my last post?No, but to leave the world of work without reflection would be unfair at best and dishonest at worst.  So, even as you struggle to retain the poetic insight of your soul after a long day of manipulating pivot tables, I offer the following considerations for why we work.We work because we must. Not merely in the, “pay the bills,” sense, mind you, but in the, “God hath ordained,” sense.  From the beginning of time, it was God’s design that one aspect of his gl … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Work Stinks.

Work is drudgery.  Each morning I wake and feel pangs of disappointment- I need to do something I hate (wake up) so I can do something I hate even more (go to work).  No incentives, perks, personalities, or overtime pay can obscure my disgust at using such a large portion of my day to add so little value to the world.In no particular order, here are a few random meditations on work (Note: in this article, “work” means those jobs many of us must do merely to pay the bills, having no connection t … [Read more...]