All Things Physical: Women's Soccer, Patriotism and Longing for More

A few days ago a heavy infusion of patriotism swept across the tweets and status updates of friends and people I follow. Apparently the USA did something extraordinary and I missed out on it. The Women’s World Cup was the event and the USA women’s soccer team served as our country’s representative. In short, the USA women came back from a 2-1 deficit to Brazil in dramatic fashion and then subsequently won the game in penalty kicks. The win advanced the USA into the next round of the Women’s World … [Read more...]

The Relativity of Soccer Strategy

Strategy or poor taste? Our Italian friends find a way to accomplish both. Be sure to note the relativisitic tone of the participants! Here are the real questions; First, did anyone injure a knee in the process? And second, can David Dunham really give us insight into the mentality of a sport that encourages this sort of thing? … [Read more...]