Music at Mars Hill: A Response to an Open Letter to Praise Bands

Music at Mars Hill is a weekly column by Luke Larsen that seeks to find God amidst the newest trends in both mainstream music and independent music.I had planned a different topic for my column this week, but when I stumbled upon an Elsewhere post here on CaPC from Professor James Smith of Calvin College, I felt it was necessary to respond in some fashion. The post is titled "An Open Letter To Praise Bands" and was featured on Gospel Coalition. It lays out three criticisms about modern worship … [Read more...]

What Memes Mean: The Muddle Of Wrong Worship

Each Wednesday in What Memes Mean, Kirk Bozeman questions the significance, humor, and subtexts of viral videos, memes, and other Internet fads.Modern worship leaders have a knack for incessantly reminding congregations that real worship is more than just cool music and singing songs on Sundays, which is the general message of this video.  Sometimes these reminders are a constant thread in morning worship diatribes, with Romans 12:1 reluctantly breaking its way in towards the end.  I’ve ofte … [Read more...]