Filmwell’s “Favored TV Moments of 2012”

As a companion piece of sorts to CaPC's own list of favorite television shows from the last year, check out this list of "favored TV moments" by my Filmwell colleague M. Leary. As the title implies, it's less a rundown of favorite shows, and more reflections on specific moments within those shows, including: Doctor Who's "impossible astronaut"; Community's "Digital Estate Planning"; and the opening credits of "Game of Thrones", which, as Leary puts it, "is a pitch perfect representation of the … [Read more...]

Brace Yourself: ‘Tis the Season for Year-end Lists

It's that time of the year again, where every blogger and their mother trots out their year-end lists of best or favorite music, movies, books, graphic novels, viral videos, greeting cards, dog toys, and whatnot. (And, of course, we here at CaPC are not immune.)Indeed, there are so many year-end lists that sometimes, it can be rather daunting to figure out which lists to look at, or where to even begin looking. Well, fear no more. Here are year-end lists (and lists of lists) that will give … [Read more...]