Where Was Jesus During The Three Days Between His Death And Resurrection?

Jesus was unaccounted for during the 3 days between His death and resurrection, or was He?His Life The gospel is not simply about believing in Jesus and that’s it. It is considerably more than that. The fact that Jesus lived a sinless life was critical to His becoming the propitiation or satisfaction of the wrath of God against sinners as God required a perfect sacrifice, and in Jesus, God received it, and so it was “For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we mig … [Read more...]

What Will Be In Your Eulogy?

If you were able to attend your own funeral, what would the eulogy say about you? What was most precious to you in your life?The Last Words What will be the one thing that people will say about you or me after you’re gone? Will it be, “Wow, he had a nice car collection,” or “She was really a good businesswoman?” What would be on your gravestone? What would your eulogy read like? What was most precious to you in this life? Whatever it was, was it really that important after the grave? Putting … [Read more...]

Why Was Jesus Baptized Since He Was Sinless?

Why would Jesus, the Son of God, need to be baptized since He was without sin?Baptism Baptism has been debated as being necessary for salvation for a very long time and some even believe you can’t be saved without being baptized, but what does baptism really mean? There is no special property to water because it’s only by the precious blood of the Lamb of God that we’re really saved and our sins are cleansed from us, but a person that’s been saved should be baptized because it is commanded o … [Read more...]

What Was The First Century Church Like?

What was the 1st century church like? Are there churches still like this one?The First Century Church You don’t even have to go to the church historians or the writings of the early church fathers to know what the first century church was like. Of course, you are free to do that, but we can learn much about the church by reading the Book of Acts, more specifically, Acts 2:42-47 in this case. Three, you can see what the primitive church did. To begin with, the early church “devoted the … [Read more...]

Was The Mosaic Law Copied From The Code of Hammurabi?

What is the Cod of Hammurabi? Did Moses copy parts of it in the Mosaic Law?Who Was Hammurabi? Hammurabi was the sixth king in a dynasty of 11 kings of Babylon. At the beginning of the second millennium, a group of Amorites migrated into Mesopotamia integrating into the urban social and political culture of the region. Early in the 19th century BC, Sumu-abum rose to power in Babylon creating a new Babylonian dynasty of Amorite kings. Sumu-abum and his early heirs focused on the immediate … [Read more...]

Are There Carnal Christians? What Are Carnal Christians?

Does the Bible say that Christians can be carnal? If so, what does that mean?Carnality The word “carnal” comes from the Greek word “sarkikos” which means “fleshly” or “carnal” and means “having the nature of flesh” or “being under control of the animal appetites.” You can picture a dog snarling while eating his meal. The dog only cares for himself and those who try to get in his way while he’s eating had better watch out! The ESV and NASB use the correct translation of the word “carnal” into … [Read more...]