How Does The Bible Define a Christian?

Bible Definition of Christian

About 73% of Americans identify themselves as a Christian. Although this number has fallen about 10% in the last 15 years, it makes one wonder with all the self-professed Christians in America why America’s culture is in such a rapid decline. The answer can be found by looking at how the word Christian is commonly defined, then examining how does the Bible define a Christian. Knowing the difference will make defining a real Christian mean so much more than just a definition.What is the c … [Read more...]

What Does 666 Mean In The Bible And End Times?

666 Meaning in the Bible

The number 666 has fascinated many and they naturally associate it with the end times.  What is the connection between 666 and the end times described in the Bible?The Number 666 Some associate this number with the anti-Christ, some with the Pope, and yet others even with the President but let’s examine Scripture to see what the context of this number is mentioned in.  There should be no real mystery here because the number 666 says that it’s the number of the beast and the number of man or … [Read more...]

What Is A Christian Response To Genetic Engineering?

Human Engineering

What do you think about genetic engineering?  Are there biblical concepts that would seem to support this or to argue against it?Genetic Engineering Today, scientists are making huge strides in manipulating genes and doing some amazing things.  Since genetic engineering is not mentioned in the Bible, it is difficult to determine whether genetic engineering is within the parameters of God’s will or not but many believe that it’s playing with fire.  God did give mankind dominion over the earth … [Read more...]

Wide is the Gate; Broad is the Path to Destruction: A Bible Study on Matthew 7

Wide is the Gate

Some of Jesus’ teachings are very hard but they are equally important.  Why did Jesus say the gate is wide and the path is broad that leads to destruction?Warning of False Teachers I believe that Satan has his own preachers in many of the churches today.  Why else would Jesus tell us to “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves” (Matt 7:15)?  They were “sheep’s clothing” because they are supposed to be shepherds and may even look like the … [Read more...]

Introduction to the Book of Titus From the Bible

Book of Titus

What is the purpose behind the Book of Titus?  Here is a brief introduction to this book.The Authorship and Date There is little doubt that the Apostle Paul was the author of the Book of Titus (1:1).  This “book” is actually a letter, sometimes called an epistle, which Paul wrote to Titus who was the pastor of the church at Crete and whom he had left in charge.  This letter, one of three written called the “pastoral epistles” (including 1 and 2 Timothy) was written toward the end of Paul’s l … [Read more...]

An Introduction to the Book of Numbers From the Bible

Here is an introduction to the Book of Numbers and part of the purpose for which this book was written.Numbers The Book of Numbers is all about…numbers!  Really, it is much more than that.  It begins at Mount Sinai where the nation of Israel received the Law of God which included the Old Covenant.  The author is widely held to be Moses but some scholars believe that Jewish scribes may have added some additional material.  Even so, it is completely accurate and a reliable, historical account … [Read more...]