Who Were The Edomite’s in the Bible?

Who were the Edomite’s mentioned in the Bible?  Why is it important enough for us to know about them?The Origins of the Edomite’s The Edomite’s lived in the land of Edom and were largely regarded by the prophets as vehement foes of the nation of Israel.  They hated and were always opposed to anything that Israel did.  The Edomite’s were typical of the corrupt, hate-ridden world that prevailed in much of the civilized world at that time (Isaiah 34).  Obadiah wrote that God would punish this n … [Read more...]

What Is The Ecumenical Movement?

Have you heard about the ecumenical movement?  What is it?  Why is it important to know about?The Good and the Bad I can see both pros and cons on this movement but there are serious problems with it.  When essential doctrines of the faith are compromised and certain elements of the faith are sacrificed for the sake of unity then the things lost are of greater consequence than those things gained.  It’s not so much whether differing religions can join together for a common cause but is the c … [Read more...]

What is Dispensationalism?

What is dispensationalism?  Why is it important?  What are the differing views?  What if believers don’t hold to these views?Dispensationalism is… Dispensationalism is basically the view that God uses different means or methods in working with the nation of Israel and the church over differing times throughout human history.  Dispensationalist’s hold to a literal biblical translation like salvation has always been a matter of faith as both the Old Testament and New Testament states that the … [Read more...]

What Does Ecclesiology Mean?


Have you heard of the word ecclesiology?  Do you know what it means?  Why do we need to know?Meaning of the Word Ecclesiology Ecclesiology is the study of the Christian church or the doctrinal beliefs of the church but that is not all.   Another, less important definition might be that of the church's adornment or architecture but for our purposes here, I want to focus on the primary meaning of the word ecclesiology and why it's important.  And I want to see why biblical scholars see the imp … [Read more...]

What Does The Term Revelation Mean in The Bible?

The Bible is certainly a difficult book to understand. Despite the fact that many of us are separated by the culture we live in, we’re also removed by thousands of years. It’s full of ancient writing techniques, cultural ideas and symbols, and words that can be difficult to understand. Much of this is due to the way the text is translated into English (or any other language other than the original), but the fact remains; it can be difficult to read, which leads to discouragement. Yet, I implore y … [Read more...]

5 Great Bible Lessons on Obedience

Bible Lessons on Obedience

One of the hardest things of the Christian life is obedience. By nature, most of us like to rebel; we don’t want to be told what to do, because we always know what is best. Besides, why should anyone else other than me dictate what I should or should not be doing? And, even if you sincerely do want to be obedient, you still find yourself struggling in succeeding at it. To help with obedience, let’s look at 5 great Bible lessons on obedience. Of course, there are many more out there, so do some di … [Read more...]