Should Churches Use Social Media?

Should churches use social media? What are the benefits and what are the drawbacks?Social Media There are so many social media’s out there today that it’s hard to list them all but I’ll try to mention the most popular, and perhaps the most influential. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, Pinterest, and dozens of others media’s that can be utilized. Christian Quotes ( have apps available so that subscribers can receive daily devotionals on their wireless devi … [Read more...]

Should Churches Donate To Political Campaigns?

Can churches donate to political campaigns or are they not allowed under the current tax laws?Churches and the Culture Christianity has always had a positive influence on the community, in the culture, and on the nations. They were always the first to build colleges and hospitals, as well as public schools, orphanages, charities, and convalescence homes. That is crystal clear from history, so why can’t a church play a major role in politics in addressing the moral issues of our day? Based u … [Read more...]

What Is The Typical or Average Salary For A Youth Pastor?

What is the average salary of a youth pastor? A Youth Pastor A youth pastor may be one of those under-appreciated, over-worked ministries in the church. When someone says, “Hey, this’ll be harder than a youth lock-in,” you can see their point. A youth pastor is dealing with “hormones on wheels” anywhere from between 6th grade and seniors. It’s not easy at all because most of the youth’s attention span has been shortened by the videogame age where snippet of news and 10 second sound bites come q … [Read more...]

What Is The Typical Or Average Salary For A Church Secretary?

What does the average salary stand at for the church secretary?The Importance of Secretaries A church secretary is the person who is the first contact for almost everyone outside and inside of the church. He or she is often the first person someone makes contact with someone and they are the ones who make the first impression for the church and first impressions are usually lasting ones, and in some cases, the final one. When I worked in an office years ago, when someone needed to know … [Read more...]

7 Tips For Christians Considering Fasting

Fasting is often one of the misunderstood and misapplied areas of Christianity. Everybody seems to have their own ideas about it, own way of interpreting Bible passages on it, and versions of how they should actually practice it as part of their faith. Apart from Christianity, many other faiths implement versions of fasting, too; so, it’s not just confusing within the Christian sphere, it’s confusing for many people. They may grasp the general idea and maybe even practice it, yet might not und … [Read more...]

How To Teach A Child To Memorize Bible Verses?

How can we help children commit to memory certain Bible verses? These same methods might also help adults do the very same thing. In a Song I believe one of the greatest ways to teach Scripture is using song. Songs have a way of imbedding themselves deep within the recesses of the mind. The notes tie in the lyrics or words into the melody and their memories retain it at a much higher rate than just rote memorization or reading and these biblically centered songs are still remembered and sung … [Read more...]