What Does The Color Red Mean or Symbolize in The Bible

Color of Red Bible

Perhaps one of the most passionate, meaningful, and sometimes even deadly colors of all is the color red. For many, it is a passionate and fiery color—one that can stir up seduction, which is why a common phrase is “fiery passion.” Yet, the color takes on a much more powerful meaning in the context of the Holy Scriptures. It can be argued, with much support, that the most meaningful and symbolic color in the entirety of Scripture is none other than red. It goes by another name at times, thoug … [Read more...]

What Does The Color Gold Mean Or Symbolize In The Bible

Bible Meaning of Color Gold

Gold has always been a fascination of mankind. From the poorest of the poor to the richest of the rich, people have always desired gold. And, many literary tales and accounts have had gold as a central part of the story. King Midas is one example among many. Even the Bible, believe it or not, talks a lot about gold. At times, it is a significant color and object that is listed to signify or point to some type of truth. Although it doesn’t mean it’s always significant to the story, it’s worth lear … [Read more...]

What Does The Color Purple Mean Or Symbolize In The Bible

Purple in the Bible

People often wonder if colors mean anything in the Bible. The answer is simple: they can, but they also don’t have to. There are times when a color can have a lot of significance, but there are also times when the color is just another detail within a narrative—like describing the color of the grass, sky, etc. In a lot of ways, the Bible can be read like any other literary text (yes, Christians believe it is more than just a literary text, but that doesn’t make it less than that). So, what about … [Read more...]

3 Bible Stories About Courage

Bible Stories On Courage

Courage is a word that is used in variety of ways. For many Christians, courage is a word that brings to mind standing on Biblical principles in the face of great opposition. Others think courage is demonstrated by taking a stance against Biblical principles. Either way, the Bible has plenty to say about what defines courage, which we will see by looking at three Bible stories about courage.What is the definition of courage? The word courage is commonly defined as (1): (Noun)”The ability to … [Read more...]

Top 7 Bible Verses About Your Heart

Bible Verses About Heart

Here are 7 of my top Bible verses about the heart.The Heart is Deceitful and WickedJeremiah 17:9-10 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?  I the Lord search the heart and test the mind, to give every man according to his ways, according to the fruit of his deeds.”You think you know your own heart?  Think again!  Our hearts can deceive us so easily.  God says “who can understand it?” but He answers His own question by saying “the Lord se … [Read more...]

4 Bible Stories About People Facing Struggles or Trials

Bible Stories about struggles

  How many of us can identify with those who struggled with their faith during a trial in the Bible?  Here are 4 such stories about people who faced great struggles and trials.Job and His Friends Who can say that they have suffered more than Job did?  Not anyone that I know of.   God allowed Satan to buffet Job to such a degree that he started to despair even of life and the day of his birth but don’t be too hard on Job.  His friends accused him of sin, his wife told him to curse God a … [Read more...]