Is The Big Bang Theory Biblical?

Is the Big Bang a biblical concept or simply a theory?  Are the creation account and the Big Bang compatible?What is the Big Bang? The Big Bang is the theoretical belief and the cosmological model that attempts to explain the development of the universe or at least it’s starting point.  Based upon the state of the universe at present and its rapid expansion, if you wound everything backwards in time and space, all matter would appear to be contained within a tiny, miniscule singular point of … [Read more...]

What is Cultural Relativism? How Should A Christian Respond?

What does cultural relativism have to do with biblical teaching?  How has it infiltrated and corrupted the church?  How should Christian’s respond when the Scriptures are twisted to fit the culture?Defining Cultural Relativism A good definition of what is cultural relativism shows what churches are teaching today; “It is something directly related, connected, or pertinent to a topic; it may also mean something that is current.”  If it is true what some people say that “Everything is relative … [Read more...]