What Is The Purpose Of The Book Of Acts? A Bible Study

What did Luke write the Book of Acts? What was the express purpose of it?Dr. Luke the Historian There are modern historians that declare Luke’s gospel and the Book of Acts to be one of historical veracity and accuracy. Both Luke’s gospel and the Book of Acts vividly display times, events, and names with an extraordinary precision that makes many declare Luke one of history’s greatest historians. We know he is the author of the Book of Acts but to whom was it written? In the very beginning of … [Read more...]

Synopsis Of The Book of Acts From The Bible

The Book of Acts tells about the beginning of the church.  What are the highlights of this book?  Here is a synopsis of the Book of Acts.Acts Date and Purpose The Book of Acts is simply called “Acts” and some call it “The Book of Acts” while others call it “The Acts of the Apostles” but I believe is should really be called “The Acts of the Holy Spirit” for it is all about the church being founded and being led and directed by the Holy Spirit even though the book is most often called “The Boo … [Read more...]