An Introduction To The Book of Acts

Introduction to book of acts

The Book of Acts is the book of the Acts of the Holy Spirit and what He does in the church and the birth and history of the church.  Here is an introduction to this book.The Book of Acts One The Book of Acts is not simply a book about the acts of the Apostles or of the church but it is the acts of the Holy Spirit bringing men, women, and children to faith in Jesus Christ.  The Holy Spirit always points people to Jesus Christ and seeks to glorify Him and testify of Him as Savior, Lord, and G … [Read more...]

An Introduction To The Book of Romans

Introduction To Book of Romans

The Book of Romans has been said to be one of the favorites in the New Testament.  It has ties to the Old Covenant as well as the New Covenant. Here is an introduction to the Book of Romans.The Author of Romans Clearly, Paul was the author of the Book of Romans.  There are historical facts about Paul’s life that are found in this book that are not found in many of his other letters, including the Prison Epistles and the Pastoral Epistles.  Romans was written around A.D. 57, most likely duri … [Read more...]

Summary of the Book of James

Summary Of The Book Of James

What is the purpose behind the Book of James?  What was the reason for James writing it?  Here is a brief survey or summary of the Book of James.Who was James? The author of the Book of James was likely James, the half-brother of Jesus.  Imagine growing up with Jesus and His never doing anything wrong or never sinning.  It must have certainly drove Jesus’ brothers and sisters a bit crazy.  It was only after Jesus death and resurrection that James repented and trusted in Christ.  Before he wa … [Read more...]