What Is The Remnant Mentioned In The Bible?

What does the Bible mean when mentioning a “remnant?” Does this have to do with the church, Israel, or both?What is a Remnant? If you asked someone on the street what a remnant is, they might think of carpet remnants or whatever’s left after everything else is gone. We arrived at a garage sale late on a Saturday and all we found were “remnants” or leftovers, because everything else was gone after having been sold. That’s what we might think about when defining what a remnant is, but the Bibl … [Read more...]

What Is the Difference Between Calling and Chosen in the Bible?

Are believers called or are they chosen?  What is the difference between these two?  Do they conflict with one another?Chosen by God R.C. Sproul wrote an outstanding book called “Chosen by God” and I highly recommend this book from one of the greatest theologians in the last 100 years.  He sees a believer’s election as an effectual one.  That is, when God calls someone He enables that person to respond to that call in faith.  Jesus Himself chose the disciples and God’s word also says that we … [Read more...]