Three Essentials For A Biblical Church

What would you consider 3 essentials for a biblical church?  Is your church using these three “essentials?”  Why are they essential?Three Essentials What would you consider 3 essentials of not just a healthy church but of a biblical church?  For many centuries, these 3 things have been found in the church on a consistent basis since the founding of the church in the first century but they seem to be disappearing in the churches of today.  Why does the lack of these 3 three things in particu … [Read more...]

Should Non-Christians Be Allowed To Marry In A Church?

Should a non-Christian couple be allowed to be married in a church?  What about a pastor marrying a couple where both are non-believers?  Is this wrong?Being Unequally Yoked The Bible is clear that believers are not to be yoked or tied together with unbelievers. This does not mean that Christians cannot have Christian friends but surely our closest friends should be those from the Body of Christ, the church.  This command to not be unequally yoked means more than just being yoked or bound to … [Read more...]

What Is The Bible Definition Of Church? What Is The Biblical View Of Church?

Bible Definition of Church

If you were to ask people what they think of when they hear the word church you would get many differing responses. Some responses may be accurate and some may not be accurate. However, most people are surprised to learn what is the Bible definition of church and what is the Biblical view of the church.What is the common definition of church? Church is commonly defined as a building used for public worship (1). However, many people refer to a church as an organization. Examples are the … [Read more...]

How to Stop The Gossip In Church

How To Stop Gossip In Church

How can you stop gossip in the church?  What strategies can you apply in taming the tongue?  Maybe this can stop perhaps the most destructive of all things in the church…gossip.Gossip:  A Destroyer of Fellowship I can think of anything that destroys the Body of Christ more than gossip does. Often it is prayer requests that are passed on to others but it turns into gossip. Gossip destroys fellowship, unity, and trust among the members of the church.  Perhaps that is why many who request praye … [Read more...]

How To Find a Good Church That Helps You Grow Spiritually?

How To Find A Good Church

How can you find a church that will help you grow in the grace and knowledge of God?  What things can you look for in such a church that can help grow you spiritually?Growing in Grace and Knowledge We are actually commanded to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord (2 Pet 3:18) but if we don’t have a church home that feeds us, then how is this possible?  If you live in an area that is limited in the number of choices in churches, you may have to be part of the solution and not part of t … [Read more...]

Why We Are Losing So Many Churches In The United States?


What are some of the reasons that churches in the U.S. are losing members?  What can be done to stop this bleeding?  How can you help?The Decline of the American Church You might not be surprised that Brazil is the number one receiving nation of foreign missionaries in the world but you might be surprised about who is the 2nd most missionary receiving nation in the world.  It is the U.S.   Why?  In a recent sermon, Pastor James McDonald from Walking in the Word Ministries revealed these … [Read more...]