What is a Covenant? A Bible Definition of Covenant

There is the Old Covenant and the New Covenant but what is a covenant?  What does the Bible define as a covenant?What is a Covenant? A covenant is so important to believers because it is an agreement ratified by blood by a God Who cannot lie and never abandons what He promises.  It is the agreement between two parties, us and God, which are contained in the Scriptures which have been revealed to us.  Marriage is like a covenant which is in effect until one of the parties die.   The covenant … [Read more...]

What Is The Davidic Covenant? A Look at God and David’s Covenant

God made a covenant with David.  What was the Davidic Covenant?  What does it have to do with Christians?The Cutting of a Covenant What is a covenant?  It is an agreement by which two parties agree on as pertaining to one fulfilling the obligation of their part.  It involves a solemn, binding agreement or promises that is normally under a seal of both parties to which particular promises are guaranteed.  Marriage is a covenant in the same way that both parties agree to certain stipulations l … [Read more...]