What Is The Mark Of The Beast?

What is the mark of the beast?  What does the number 666 mean?  Who is the beast?Who is the Beast? This question has been asked more times than I can even count and the number of people who this was thought to be has been just as long.  Some said it was Hitler, then Stalin, then Mussolini, and some even the Pope.  We see that these have all turned out to be wrong so who is the beast mentioned in the Book of Revelation, chapter 17:7-14?    Here is what John wrote.“But the angel said to … [Read more...]

What Does The Bible Say About The Rapture?


What does the Bible say about the rapture?  Are there signs that it could be near?  What Scriptures give us insight about the rapture?The Word Rapture The word rapture is not actually in the Bible but neither is the word Trinity, even though we know God is Three Persons.  So where did this word come from?  The word rapture comes from a translation of the words “caught up” found in 1 Thessalonians 4:17.   The Latin word for this is rapturo.  The Greek word for “caught up” is harpazo.   Let’s … [Read more...]