Psalm 103 Bible Study And Commentary

Psalm 103 is a special psalm about the relationship between God and His children.Psalm 103:3-4 Psalm 103 is among my favorites and it may be one of yours too but why is it? It is because it is the Lord God “who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases” (Psalm 103:3) and through Jesus Christ, He “redeems your life from the pit, who crowns you with steadfast love and mercy” (Psalm 103:4). The word “iniquity” is simply another word for sin and points out our inequality before a h … [Read more...]

What Is The Unpardonable Sin?

Is there a sin that God will not forgive or an unforgivable sin?The Law and Sin Perhaps the first question that should be asked is “What is sin?” Does the Bible give us a precise idea on what sin is? Yes, because if you look at the Ten Commandments, we know from the beginning that murder is sin, so is theft, and adultery. It’s not that these commandments are “Don’t do this” and “Don’t do that,” but rather, “Don’t do this and hurt yourself and others” because that’s what sin does. It brings d … [Read more...]

What Does Power In The Blood Of Jesus Christ Mean?

What does it mean when people say, there’s power in the blood of Jesus Christ?There’s Power in the Blood There is an old Christian hymn that has the line, “There’s power in the blood,” because “Sin-stains are lost in its life-giving flow; There’s wonderful pow’r in the blood.” That is truly biblical because the Bible teaches that nothing but the blood of Jesus can wash away our sins, and is reminiscent of another classic hymn, “Nothing but the Blood of Jesus” where the hymn writer asks, “Wha … [Read more...]

What Are The Important Values To Live By?

What are some important values to live by every day? Family Values So many people have come from broken homes these days that it’s hard to keep count of all the heartbreaking stories. There are so many dysfunctional families that any important values are lost by separated families, some children going to foster care, others by a blending of families, but some families are just plain ripped apart. The encouraging thing is that cycles are made to be broken, and although we are a product of our u … [Read more...]

Does God Forgive Everyone If They Repent?

Does God forgive everyone who repents? Are there exceptions? If so, what are they?Repentance is… Repentance in both the Old Testament and New Testament always means a turning away from and a forsaking of sins. This doesn’t meant that we won’t ever sin again (1st John 1:8, 10) but it does mean we’ll be turning away from it more often because we’re new creatures in Christ (2nd Cor 5:17). If you don’t confess your sin you are concealing it for “Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosp … [Read more...]

Where To Find Forgiveness In The Bible?

The Bible has a lot to say about forgiveness. Where can we find essential verses on forgiveness? What is Forgiveness? The word forgive is an interesting one and in the New Testament it is from the Greek word “aphiēmi” which means “to bid going away or depart” and “to send away” and that is exactly what forgiveness is. If someone offends us or does something wrong against us, we are to send it away and let it depart, meaning that we don’t hold on to it. If we hold onto it, then it’s truly not fo … [Read more...]