What Is The Book Of James About? A Bible Study


What exactly is the Book of James about? What was the purpose of James writing it? Who was James? The Book of James is what many consider part of the “wisdom literature” because there is so much wisdom in this book. The author of this epistle (or letter) is James who most believe is the half-brother of Jesus Christ who only came to believe in Him after His death and resurrection. James is also called James the Just and even “Old Camel Knees” because he was a man of prayer and he spent so much t … [Read more...]

Summary of the Book of James

Summary Of The Book Of James

What is the purpose behind the Book of James?  What was the reason for James writing it?  Here is a brief survey or summary of the Book of James.Who was James? The author of the Book of James was likely James, the half-brother of Jesus.  Imagine growing up with Jesus and His never doing anything wrong or never sinning.  It must have certainly drove Jesus’ brothers and sisters a bit crazy.  It was only after Jesus death and resurrection that James repented and trusted in Christ.  Before he wa … [Read more...]