How to Teach a Sunday School Lesson

What format could a person use to teach a Sunday school class?  What biblical model can we use to do this?The Essential of Prayer No Sunday school lesson should ever be taught without first having prayer.  This should be the first thing that you do before class begins and the last thing you should do at the end of class.  We must acknowledge that we can only know the things of God by the Spirit of God so ask God for the Holy Spirit that He would help you and the students understand what is  … [Read more...]

Faith Without Works Is Dead: Bible Study and Meaning

What does it mean that faith without works is dead?  Does this mean we need works to help our faith or that our faith is incomplete without works?Religions with Works All religions without Christ demand works that are added as part of their belief system.  They include many of the cults and world religions.  Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and just about every other faith or belief system you see on the planet except for Christianity says “do, do, do” but with Christ, it is done!  Jesus said on t … [Read more...]